Chalkfarm Doorsteps Centre 



My family and I salute the compasssion of people who make a difference in the life of children and families in the Chalkfarm community.

As you know, young people in our community need the nuturing of adults on their side and programs that they can attend to help them move in the right direction. Thanks to the kindness and dedication of people like Valentina Martinez, Community worker at Chalkfarm who has always been proactive and made sure we have access to the information, the programs and the space we need for all the activities and events at Doorsteps. We applaud her caring nature, commitment, her continuing  and ongoing efforts to train volunteers and students to support her during times of staff shortages; she always aims for her best.

Thanks for all volunteers programs, office and computer services, the Early Parenting (parents/baby/0 to 6 years old) groups; my wife and I learnt some really good information in these programs and got a certificate at completion. I also want to thank you for giving me the space at the community garden to grow some crops, I really got the chance to bond with my son, he loved the garden and we had some really nice crops. Last but not least, thank you for giving me and the community the opportunity to attend those  free workshops where we are able to get very useful information and concepts. Thank you also for giving me the opportunity and the space to have my free workshops so that I was able to share those financial concepts and my story with the people in your programs.

I truly believe that the people at Doorsteps are doing an excellent job and something really good for the community. It goes without saying that with more manpower and funding we can make a huge difference and change the life of many families.


Immanuel Martial




Doorsteps – Baby Box Distribution 


“Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services provided me with extremely helpful and friendly services.  I called ahead to inquire as to their participation as a distributor in the Ontario Baby Box Co. program, which distributes free safe sleeping spaces to expectant Ontario mothers (filled with a variety of baby goods). I was informed as to where and when to come by to get the box. When I arrived to get the box, I was greeted by Greta Czupielowski who was very friendly and went above and beyond to be helpful. She offered to help me carry the box out to my car, which was unexpected and really nice of her. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends to contact Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services for any services they are in need of!”

Laura Mary Jean Etherington

October 2016


” Thank-you Doorsteps for acting as a distributor for the Baby box Co. initiative. We had called awhile back when we first registered before the boxes had arrived to inquire about the program, and we were pleased to receive a follow-up call from Greta notifying us when the boxes were in and ready for pick-up. She was very helpful  and ensured we knew the proper location and hours of operation.  Pick-up of the baby box was smooth and quick. We are pleased with our baby box and can’t wait to put it to good use. ”


October 2016


“I contacted Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services to inquire about the Ontario Baby Box Co. program and was informed by Greta Czupielowski when the box would be ready for pick up. I was excited to pick up my box and even though it was my first time dealing with Doorsteps Neighbourhood I would definitely recommend it to people if they needed their services because of their friendly staff.”

Daniela Deluca

October 2016


“After registering for the Baby Box, I had made many attempts with different distributors only to be told they were not in stock or did not receive any responses to my inquiry. My first contact with Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services was with Greta and she informed me they had the baby boxes available for pick up right away. She was extremely accommodating and patient in providing me with specific directions as I was not familiar with the area and even insisted on carrying the box to my car since I was 8 months pregnant! After my initial difficulties at obtaining the baby box, encountering Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services resulted in a positive experience due largely in part to the pleasant and friendly staff. “


Beatrice Bogart

October 20th 2016


Ontario Early Years Programs/Workshops 


“The Doorsteps program is a wonderful program. My daughter loves attending the program because ofthe different activities, the friends she makes and of course, circle time. My daughter started the program since she was a year old; and now she is 2 years old and I have noticed a huge difference in her. She became less shy, became more independent. I am so glad I enrolled my daughter into this program. Wonderful environment, great staffs and such a positive place to be around. “

My Lam Hossain




Doorsteps – After School Program (Beverly Heights Middle School )

“Dear Doorsteps

“My name is Katlin and I’m one of the students in your after school program at Beverly Heights Middle School. I wanted to thank you for the gift that you gave us at Christmas. I really wanted a Crayola Paint Maker. I would also like to thank you for letting me be in the program. I get help with my homework and I have a great time playing basketball and doing arts and crafts and board games. Mr G and Dellanna are great and they are very nice. Thank you.”

Sincerely, Katalin Hegedus