Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps introduce campers to the joys of summer!

Your child will participate in a variety of educational and recreational activities that will enhance their self-confidence and create memories to last a lifetime. 

Campers may participate in a range of activities that include arts and crafts, co-operative games, skill development activities, environmental based programs, recreation and adventure activities and water front activities.


Summer Camp Registration Form

Summer Camp Flyer

Please follow the links below for the Summer Camp Weekly Schedules :

Maple Leaf Week 1

Maple Leaf Week 2 

Maple Leaf Week 3 

Maple Leaf Week 4

Maple Leaf Week 5

Maple Leaf Week 6

Chalkfarm Week 1

Chalkfarm Week 2

Chalkfarm Week 3

Chalkfarm Week 4

Chalkfarm Week 5

Chalkfarm Week 6

Daystrom Week 1

Daystrom Week 2

Daystrom Week 3

Daystrom Week 4 

Daystrom Week 5

Daystrom Week 6