Guiding Principles

Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services is accountable to the people in the Chalkfarm, Daystrom and Falstaff neighbourhoods for clear, responsive and timely programs and services. Doorsteps is also accountable to its funders.

Determinants of Health
Doorsteps seeks to improve the health of our communities by addressing income, education, shelter, early child development, access to safe and nutritious foods, access to quality health care, safety, peace, equity and social justice.

Doorsteps works to engage and empower individuals and groups who have been left out of the planning, decision-making and policy-development processes in their community; promoting increased awareness, respect and an active celebration of people’s diversity.

Citizen Engagement and Mutual Support
Doorsteps assists and encourages community members to help each other and work together to address shared concerns. Applying these principles means working directly with community members, developing initiatives from the ground up, mobilizing trained volunteers and skilled staff, and securing government funds and private donations to achieve locally defined objectives.

Doorsteps recognizes the necessity, strength and value of working in collaborative partnerships with community members, agencies and organizations to further mutual goals and agendas.

Human Rights
Doorsteps endeavours to carry out our activities at all times in accordance with Human Rights principles and legislation.