Early Years Programs


Our Early Years and Family Resource program focuses on promoting wellness by seeking to enhance strengths and striving to increase opportunities for growth. Our skilled staff work with participants to strengthen individual family and community capacities with formal and informal supports.

The program provides a safe, nurturing environment where parents/caregivers and their children can interact, develop social connections and mutual support systems, skill-development.

The program provides a structured child-focused methodology and promotes optimal social, emotional, cognitive, communicative and physical development of children.

We view this program as a support for parenting – as a lifelong learning experience. The program is community-based and developed in partnership with families and communities to meet expressed needs in order to support children and families in a broad context. The program promotes inclusion, equality and respect for diversity and recognizes that children and families deserve support.

The program also serves as a central place for families and caregivers to get community information and information about the developmental needs of a child. This includes information regarding the value of playtime, appropriate play materials, etc. Our program workshops create opportunities for participants to learn more about child rearing, development. It is also an opportunity for staff to provide appropriate referrals to other services as needed including speech/auditory needs, etc.

The program also strives to ensure that all staff have knowledge and training on health and safety issues as well as up-to-date innovative trends.

The program also creates an environment that promotes opportunities to strengthen social support networks.


Some of the main activities of our program include:

-Workshops/seminars including parent/caregiver education, promoting well-being, nutrition, importance of parent/child interaction.

-Structured playgroups featuring:

*age-appropriate activities (dramatic play, arts/crafts, music, reading/story-telling)

*Visual aids demonstrating positive adult-child interactions, cultural/gender/racial/linguistic


*Activities, equipment that reflects the developmental level of the child. Cognitive, gross motor

skill development activities, fine motor skill developmental activities

*Facilitated play and activities by trained/skilled staff. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to join


School Readiness Workshops

*Child is prepared for life in kindergarten. Curriculum includes:

-recognizing their first name

-Improving fine motor skills (ie: holding a pencil properly)

– Improve self-help skills (ie: putting on and taking off shoes/jacket)

-Asking & understanding basic questions


Nobody’s Perfect Workshop:

An opportunity to meet with other parents of young children; share questions, concerns and ideas about being a parent; learn about child development, safety, health and behaviour; discuss real-life parenting situations; work together with the support of a trained facilitator; discover positive ways of parenting.

Incredible Years Workshops:

The goal is to prevent and treat young children’s behavior problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence (involves parents and children)

Power of Play:

Open-ended experiences using a variety of resources. Goal is to follow and build on the interests of children allowing them to explore, interact, share, imagine, create, learn, etc.

Pre-natal Support Workshop

-Understanding infant mental health

-Early intervention/prevention

Baby Group (Baby & Me)

-Parent/caregiver + child 0-1year. Interactive play

Tots & Toddlers:

-A program geared towards physical activity featuring a range of equipment/resources. Interactive with parents/caregivers.



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Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services – School Readiness Graduation 2016

We will be adding additional ¬†photos from Chalkfarm’s School Readiness Graduation and Daystorm’s School Readiness Graduation. Special thanks from everyone at Doorsteps for the amazing job our Early Years Coordinator Susana Melro always does to make this a memorable event for the children, parents and caregivers.