After School Programs



ASP Registration form-2016/2017


Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services has a program in the schools listed below ;

  • Tumpane Public School (Grades 1-5)
  • Gracefield Public School ( Grades 1- 5)
  • Beverly Heights Middle School (Grades 6-8)
  • Daystrom Public School (Grades 1- 5)


This program stream offers a safe, healthy and stimulating place for children ages 6-12, Key activities include::

*Academic support

*Physical activity/recreation

*Exploration of special interests such as art, music, drama, science/technology, crafts and games

*Healthy snacks

*social skills and character development

*extracurricular excursions and filed trips

Key objective of this program are:

– to support the well-being of our children

– to help create communities where it is easy for children to lead healthier lives.

– teach skills for staying active and eating well

-provide support for making healthy choices

-build self-esteem, resiliency, confidence and self-reliance

-raise awareness about anti-bullying and enhance positive relationships.

-increase participation and academic results in school

-provide mentorship and leadership opportunities

-to help create close links to supports within the community

-recognize that healthy kids live in healthy families, schools and communities: Strategies will focus not just on children but on parents and the broader community.

-focus on positive health messages.

-tailored to reach vulnerable populations most at risk.

-create opportunities for more chances for children to be engaged, involved and included.

-create awareness around diversity, inclusion, social justice, equity.

Our program’s objectives are in line with the Ontario Government’s strategic framework for youth in the province.  They include;

-A Positive, Asset-Based View of Youth

-Targeted Support for Those Who Need It

-Collaboration and Partnership

-Meaningful Youth Engagement and Leadership


-Evidence-Informed Choices


Some key activities of the program include:

Physical Activity:  targeting the risk factors for unhealthy weights improving nutrition and physical activity.  Activities are designed to be both structured and flexible in order to meet the needs of each youth participant.  Our program includes a mix that develops academic, social, physical, and emotional skills, and gives our students the chance to develop hobbies, skills, and interests they might not otherwise be able to explore.  Community service projects and other hands-on activities help our students cultivate positive character traits and enhance their sense of community.

Our program curriculum is designed to offer students choice which encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning, and allows the program staff to better meet the needs of all students.

Academic Support:-one third of the program time is spent encouraging and assisting students with their school work.  Staff have routine conversations with teachers to better understand the work that is assigned to better assist the students.

Wherever possible we look for collaborative partnerships on which to layer on to our program.  Examples include in-house facilitate workshops such as

*Dance/Human Movement



*Introduction to coding

*Sports clinics & workshops (ie: Cricket/Rugby/Soccer)


*Music/music production/music appreciation